Comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise – and Why Mainstream businesses choose Shopify Plus

Running a business that is on an enterprise level can be pretty difficult at it is, but finding the right ecommerce platform to work with can actually make a lot of things a lot easier. Since there are pretty much only a few options worth considering when it comes to platforms that work with enterprise level businesses, we definitely have our favorite and that is what we will be talking about today. Make sure to keep reading and see us comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise and see why we feel that Shopify Plus is the way to go for your own business, and why Magento Enterprise doesn’t really cut it. 

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The first thing that we want to discuss it the biggest reason of why we love Shopify Plus, and that is the fact that unlike most of the options, and definitely unlike Magento Enterprise, this is a fully hosted solution. This makes it very easy for you because it takes away all of the responsibility when it comes to dealing with the hosting or updates, and that will leave you a lot of extra time to deal with other aspects of your business.

This also makes it the perfect choice for any beginners that don’t really have a lot of technical knowhow. On the other hand, Magento Enterprise is a platform that is self-hosted and that will require you to find your own hosting and manage and maintain everything on your own. Of course, you can always hire a team that will help you out with the process, but those teams, or even just one person, costs a lot of money and that can take a toll on your budget.

Ease of use is something that is really important to most people and something that you should really look into before deciding on a certain platform, and that is why we are looking into this next when comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise. If you are looking at a platform that seems really complicated to work with, then there really is no point in looking into it any further. Luckily, Shopify Plus is an amazing solution that will give you everything you need from a platform and it is also one of the easiest platforms to work with.

The interface is very user friendly, and because of it being a fully hosted solution, you really have very little to worry about. And while Magento Enterprise definitely has an interface that is easy to understand and work with, the fact that it is a self-hosted solution really adds on to the complication of the matters when it comes to working with the platform.

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Even though this isn’t the most important factor out there, it is still crucial for a lot of people, so we are going to be talking about it as well. Shopify Plus, and Shopify in general, is a platform that is undoubtedly incredibly popular and that a lot of people enjoy using. There is a reason why it is one of the most popular names in ecommerce and why it can help you with pretty much every ecommerce issue, and that is something that really speaks for itself and for how much people trust the platform. Magento Enterprise is also a pretty big name in ecommerce, but it definitely falls short when compared to Shopify.

We already mentioned that there aren’t many different options out there when it comes to finding an enterprise level ecommerce platform, but with the choices that are out there we definitely feel that Shopify Plus is the way to go. We hope that reading this article comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise has helped you realize why we like it as much as we do, and hopefully you will give it a chance and check it out for yourself.